Welcome romantic Christmas on pearl island, Phu Quoc


With the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Phu Quoc island has peaceful atmosphere, delicious foods and many interesting activities to welcome Christmas.

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Pristine islands

From November to April is the perfect time to visit Phu Quoc with convenient weather. You can visit pristine islands such as Mong Tay, May Rut, Dam Ngang… at the South of Phu Quoc to enjoy the peace. A lot of tours by boats or canoes go to islands every day. You should book a tour in advance to visit three islands above, swim, dive and see coral with the price of 750,000 VND/person (by canoe).

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Novotel Phu Quoc Resort

Locating in one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc island, Novotel Phu Quoc Resort has peaceful atmosphere, delicious foods and many interesting activities to welcome Christmas.

Only far 10- minutes driving from Phu Quoc International Airport, 5-star Novotel Phu Quoc Resort is one of the most suitable places to organize Christmas party and New Year holiday with stand ard of 5-star. In here, all members will share interesting moments in beautiful and romantic sunset on the beach. Besides, location of the resort is very convenient for family with destinations as Tranh stream, bai Sao beach, Coi Nguon museum, Dinh Cau and night market.

Opened at the beginning of the year, with open design and decoration, the space is always full of sunshine of dawn and sunset.In the resort, buffet programs are prepared on 24th and 25th December and Eve New Year with seafood. Taking part in seafood BBQ party in Christmas, tourists can wallow into bustle and cheer songs with live music band and enjoy favorite seafood cooked by 5-star chefs. Outskirt seafood BBQ stand with shrimp, crab, squid, etc. are grilled deliciously. Food Exchange restaurant also prepare some favorite foods of children like potato, sweet potato, BBQ children, fruit, etc. And the children under 6 years old will be free to take part in the party.

Novotel Phu Quoc resort also owns a spacious play park which is a favorite destination for families with kids. In here, children will take part in funny games like football, organi, reading book with their friends or swimming in pool for children. Besides, bustle beaches with water sports like kayak, yoga, etc. are free which brings interesting experiences and memories for couples.

With reasonable price, In Balance Spa is an indispensible destination of couple who want to relax and take rest with massage and sauna services. The resort also provides free airport transfer for tourists.

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Delicious specialities

Herring Salad

This delicious cuisine is made from the sliced fresh herring, lemon juice, chilli, 8 kinds of forest vegetable and 4 kinds of herbs. All of these materials are wrapped in the rice paper and eaten with the famous Phu Quoc fish sauce.

Tourists will enjoy the sour, spicy, salty and sweet taste of this dish, especially, it will be great if tourists enjoy it with Sim Wine, which is good for your digestion.

– Grilled Oyster

This dish is usually cooked into many cuisines such as: Soup, Porridge, Stir-Fry, Steam and especially grill

The local people must be careful when making this oyster, tourists had better enjoy it when it’s turning yellow, it will be dried and tough if grilled too long. They should eat this dish with grilled okra and vegetable.

– Grilled Song Fish

Grilled Song Fish is one of the cuisines that tourists can’t ignore when traveling to Phu Quoc Island. Tourists won’t forget the special taste of sweet, soft and tough, which is great when eaten with lemon salt, vegetable and herbs. 

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