5 fun activities in Phu Quoc (part 1)


If you’re looking for a beach paradise in Vietnam, the island of Phu Quoc is the place to be. Whether you are a real budget backpacker or a luxury seeker! Phu Quoc is a true tropical island with lots of palm trees, beaches and beautiful clear blue water. There are lots of activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and exploring the island on a motorbike. There is a lot of history to find on this island as well. We spent one week on this little piece of heaven and have gathered our tips for Phu Quoc in this article for you!

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 2. Explore the many beaches of Phu Quoc

When searching for a good beach in Vietnam, you’ll quickly find that the best place is Phu Quoc. Although personally we think the islands of An Thoi are hard to beat, Phu Quoc itself has some pretty awesome beaches too. A lot of different kind of beaches, such as yellow sandy beaches, perfect white beaches and rocky beaches. With 150 kilometers of coastline, we, unfortunately, didn’t have the time to visit them all.

Long Beach via Mytour

Bai Truong or Long Beach

Long Beach is a yellow sandy beach that runs in the central west coast of the island. It’s the most popular beach on the island and there are lots of accommodation, restaurants, cafes and massage places to serve you.

This isn’t necessarily the best beach on Phu Quoc, as it’s a bit crowded and touristy. It’s a very long stretched beach, so you can definitely find some quiet spots if you need some alone time. And, it’s a good place to have a few drinks, enjoy some food or have a nice relaxing massage. On average you can get a massage for approximately 200.000 VND (about 8 USD) on the beach.

Ganh Dau Beach

This beach is located at the top of Phu Quoc on the north west coast. This beach is a lot more quiet than Long Beach. There is only one local restaurant that serves seafood. It’s a good place for snorkeling as well, or the usual relaxing, swimming and perhaps working a bit on a tan.

Sao Beach

Unfortunately we have missed this beach, but our hotel owners and other people we met told us that this is the most beautiful beach on Phu Quoc. It has perfect white sand, clear water and lots of palm trees. It’s located on the east side of the island. It’s a bit harder to get there, as there is a dirt road that leads to the beach. However, it’s getting more developed in recent years, thus easier and easier to access. Here you can also find restaurants and bars.

There are so many beaches to explore on this island!

Exploring Phu Quoc on a motorbike via Business Insider

3. Exploring Phu Quoc on a motorbike

If you’re in Vietnam, big chance that you’ll use a motorbike at least once. Luckily, it’s not so busy in Phu Quoc compared to big cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. So, it’s a great place to drive around and explore on a motorbike. It’s very cheap, and we could rent one at our home stay for 100.000 VND (about 4 USD) for a whole day.

It’s a great way to explore the island. By renting your own motorbike, you are not reliant on taxis or tours. You can visit different parts of the island and just enjoy the freedom.

Do you need a motorbike license?

We didn’t have a license and to be honest, we weren’t sure what the rules were. But, we were aware that it was most likely illegal to drive it without a license. We looked it up and found that in order to drive a motorbike, you need a International Drivers Permit. This is something you can retrieve back in your homecountry for a small fee.

In Phu Quoc the International Drivers Permit is sufficient. In other parts of Vietnam it is a bit stricter, and the license needs to be translated into Vietnamese and stamped by authorities.

However, it is still possible to get a motorbike on Phu Quoc, whether you have the international license or not. Most motorbike shops or hotels don’t ask to see it. But this does mean that it is your responsibility. If something goes wrong, it is not covered by your insurance. In addition, if the police stops you, they will give you a fine or can even seize your motorbike.

Fortunately, we didn’t have any troubles at all. It didn’t seem too strict there and the traffic is not crazy at all. We also drove very slow and careful.

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