Phu Quoc restaurants


The Vietnamese love their food – in fact, they obsessed about it all day! As soon as they had their breakfast, they will soon think about what they would have for lunch…so it’s not surprising that you will find an abundance of small eatery places springing across this tiny island. 

The food on Phu Quoc island is heavily influenced by the bountiful harvest of fresh seafood, herbs and vegetable…it is fresh, simple yet utterly deliciously refreshing…no fancy garnishes or over the top big plate with tiny portion a-la French style.

Some places you come across might appear to be shabby by western standards…but do not be fooled by their appearances! With a little sense of adventure and you will soon discover some of the tastiest and most inexpensive food you’ve ever eaten.

>> Ai Xiem Restaurant

Trung Duong Restaurant

Terrific variety of seafood and Vietnamese dishes on the menu. We give this restaurant a high recommendation, having eaten here many times as recently as January 2008 and always found the food to be tasty and great quality. Try the Crab fried rice with your meal or deep fried battered prawns if available.

Cuisine:Seafood, Vietnamese

Direction:Located in Duong Dong Town Center

Minh Tri Restaurant

A nice local place to relax on the beach and enjoy a range of dishes and cocktails. 

Cuisine:Seafood, European & South East Asian dishes

Direction:Long Beach, southern end of Duong Dong

Restaurant serve via

Carole Restaurant

Terrific place set in a lovely garden setting underneath a giant thatched roof with an excellent menu and reasonable cocktail selection. The staffs provide a good efficient level of service. Do try their cocktails…and particularly the Mojitos!

Cuisine:Seafood, Vietnamese, Western, Pizza

Direction:A short walk from the Saigon Phu Quoc Resort

Tropicana Resort Restaurant

Lovely outdoor terraced eating area serving great variety of Vietnamese and western food, over -looking the beach at sunset. Friendly service. Try the Crab fried rice or Lemongrass Fish.

Cuisine:Seafood, Vietnamese, Western

Directions:  3km south of Duong Dong town

An Thai

A nice relaxing An Thoi restaurant with a good view of town and the sea. They offer fresh seafood as well as Vietnamese and western dishes as well as variety of cocktails at reasonable prices. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cuisine:Seafood, Vietnamese, Western, Pizza

Direction:Located in An Thoi Town, Southern Phu Quoc

Laguna & Neptune Restaurant

Located at the Sasco Blue Lagoon Resort with sea views. These restaurants offer a wide variety of dining options with an interesting selection of dishes combining Asian and western flavours.

Cuisine:Seafood, Vietnamese, International

Buddy Ice cream & Info Cafe

Friendly staff that offer a great selection of Ice creams and shakes in a clean and modern setting. Try the banana splits or strawberry shakes.

Cuisine:Ice cream

Direction:Centre of Town on the way to the market

Phu Quoc restaurant via Opentour

Palm Tree Restaurant

One of the few that will serve vegan food upon request

Cuisine:Seafood, Vietnamese, Vegan

Direction:3km south of Duong Dong town

Gop Gio Restaurant

A local restaurant highly regarded by travelers, offering fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. Nice casual place for a bit to eat.

Cuisine:Seafood, Vietnamese

Direction:Located in center of Duong Dong town

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