Camping trips in Phu Quoc

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Foods and Drinks

Don’t be surprised if you can encounter fried rice with crab in every restaurant in Phu Quoc. There was one tourist who commented that if you tried fried rice with crab in Phu Quoc, you can feel the essence of the island, the quintessence of the sea and the rustic simplicity of Phu Quoc people. Fried rice with crab is the combination of fragrant rice, tasty boiled crab meat, slices of fried eggs and spicy sliced chili sauce. All of these ingredients are blended to create a very idyllic and tasty flavor that mesmerizes every demanding guest. Crab Fried Rice Phu Quoc island Vietnam processes a yellow nursery of beautiful yellow silk. Rice finished the fried served with finely chopped cucumber, fresh vegetables, sliced ​​tomato sauce used with bartender. This is good food, rich in protein and tastes very impressive features and very hard to forget. No tapilu as of Hue mussel rice, not brightly colored like Yangzhou fried rice from China, crab fried rice Phu Quoc island is reinforced by the land, is the essence of the sea, is the spirit of southern Vietnam. In essence, this rice dish is crab mix and fried rice dishes are white stylized dishes daily from farmers.

Flower crab is the specialty of this island and readily available in many local restaurants.